The City of Cincinnati and the Bengals Need T.O.

Terrell Owens arrived fashionably late, received a white jersey with his favorite number, and got a smattering of applause for doing even the simplest thing.

A few thousand fans showed up for Owens's first practice with the Cincinnati Bengals, who signed him to a one-year deal Thursday evening, then got a glimpse of what the 36-year-old receiver has left.

Owens enjoyed the reception - fans cheering every catch and screaming his name to lure him over for autographs when the two-hour workout ended.

"I think this team is special," Owens said. "I really feel that there is something around the corner for this team."

Owens missed an overnight flight that would have brought him to town earlier in the day, allowing for a proper introduction. Instead, he caught a later flight, arrived less than an hour before an evening practice and quickly suited up.

Owens wore his customary No. 81 at practice, part of a deal he made with its previous owner, receiver Antonio Bryant.

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