How to: Attract Free Media Attention!

How do you promote your music products and services for free?

Impossible, huh? No, its easy!.

Publicity is your ticket to fame. And you earn publicity by providing the media with news they can use. Publicity works because it is often believed (the media wrote about you) as opposed to the skepticism of advertising (you paid for the space). Publicity helps you bring your message to fans and prospects in your area, build an effective image, and promote everything you sell. Here are the elements of successful publicity.

Build a list of media contacts in your target area. This list should include radio, TV, cable, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, Web sites, e-zines, even specific writers and editors that reach the people you need to reach.

Develop suitable promotional material that answers the fundamental questions about you. Write up a bio, take a few pictures, and draft a FAQ about each and every product and service that you offer. Make this FAQ a straightforward list of questions and answers. Make sure you print your full contact information on every promotional piece you send out.

Prepare short articles/news releases to publish in local papers, magazines, newsletters and the trade press. Consider people profiles, roots and other background info, descriptions of projects/gigs, client case studies, how-to articles, and other such as material.

Circulate reprints of articles about you. Not everyone can see every piece you do. Make sure they know about your efforts by sending them copies. Post them to your website, too.

Suggest stories and interviews to local media. Besides the topics above, remember the human interest side of your issues. Don't forget the electronic media either. Radio and TV journalists are just as approachable as the print media.

Tell everyone associated with you about appearances of media coverage in print, radio, and TV.

Make a scrapbook by gathering all publicity material into a three-ring binder. Review your publicity efforts regularly and reuse old material or adapt it for new angles

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