Most Men Are Still Looking 4 True Love!

Submit by: J. Marquise aka @DADDY2RUDEFUKYA

Every man dreams of it.... even the biggest players,pimps, and hound dogs all dream of a woman so perfect to them that their days of cat chasing will cease. Unfortunately for most Men we often meet the right woman at the wrong time. My story begins like a lot of stories. I was just a guy,a young man finding his way in the world. I had been married, toured the world,divorced,had a child,attended college and moved around on my own. I had already experienced to Worst of What Love Had to Offer...Cheating wives, Lying GirlFriends, Betrayal, Abandoning Mothers. In short I was Broken Man with more then enough reasons believe love was bullshit and women were all the same.    Why I never gave up on love I couldn't tell you. What I can tell you is that sometimes I wish I had given up. Then there are days when if only for a moment I thank God I Never Gave Up. I Met Enough and Been left By enough women to know the type I need. So why am I Single you ask? Because women Don't Want A man like me. I'm a Man that in many ways show women things they themselves didn't know about them,sexually,emotionally,ect. I scare women cause I'm consistently "Good" to them in every way. They see their lives changing for the better they smile more their happier more often. They begin to consider settling down and having Children and a Family..... this is usually where the problems start. Women today flee from serious commitments more often then not. The reasons most commonly given include but aren't limited to : Fear things Changing,Don't wanna Feel Tied down, Not Ready To Settle Down, or the ever so famous "I just like having My Space".The reason is not as important as the fact that more and more Good Men like myself are giving up on finding Good Women who parallel our values or who want the same things out of life that we want. In all honesty the roles of Men and Women Have been so contorted and changed so drastically in recent Decades that it appears they may have been Reversed. Women more and more are trying to prove men aren't needed as fathers,providers,protectors,lovers and more key roles Men Used to play in Life. So what's this young Man to do? Should I do as So Many others have and just begin to see women as Sex potential and nothing more? The outcome awaits to be seen while I bounce around in this Pong Game Called Being Single hoping to Score big someDay. Until then I hope these words touched a heart somewhere encouraging someone to Give Love A Chance.

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