New: Aston Martin Super Car worth $9million.

For a whopping $9.6 million you can now order the world's most expensive limited edition supercar, the Aston Martin Super Sport. Only eight examples will be built, each in a different color including red, yellow, silver, black and sky blue, for collectors worldwide. The incredibly costly vehicles are being offered by Star Electric Cars France (SECF), designer of coach built specialty vehicles including Rolls-Royce golf carts and the like for rock stars, royalty and people with way too much money. A sort of souped-up version of the Aston Martin One-77, yet far more exclusive, the mid-engine engined hypercar is powered by a twin-turbo 5.4 liter V8 engine producing around 900 hp. It features carbon fiber bodywork, gullwing doors, carbon ceramic brakes and a leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber interior. While it may just seem like a hyperbolic concept, rest assured that if your check for $9.6 million clears SECF will actually build you one of these things.

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