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2.frankenstien (prod. by zonebeats)
3.da boogeyman (prod. by johnny juliano)
4.I Don't Like The Look (prod. by Jahlil Beats)
5.Im good (prod. by zonebeats)
6.Beast (prod. by keyboyy)
7.Last Man Standing (prod. by zonebeats)
8.Get Paper (prod. by Doc ish)
9.Sweat (prod. by zonebeats)
10.The Top (prod. by zonebeats)
11.above the rim (prod. by ear2thabeat)
12.deserted (prod. by evelution beats)
13.real hustler real gangsta (prod. by grind mind production)
14.gun play (prod. by
15.knotz in my pocketz (prod. by johnny juliano)
16.self made (prod. by marcoblyze)
17.eyes wide open (prod. by speakermuzik)
18.wake up (prod. by speakermuzik)
19.revolt (prod. by evelution beats)
20.project blue beam (prod. by johnny juliano)
21.beggin for it (prod. by zonebeats)
22.wounds (prod. by speakermuzik)
23.middle fingaz (prod. by traplifemuzik) mad (prod. by speakermuzik)
25.all night (prod. by zonebeats)
26.let that boy cook (prod. by johnny juliano)
27.smoke sumthin (prod. by johnny juliano) stars (prod. by vybebeatz) talks (prod. by traplifemuzik) or die (prod. by vybebeatz)
31.hustlers (prod. by zonebeats)
32.double stacks (prod. by vybebeatz)
33.hydro (prod. by zonebeats)
34.heavy (prod. by speakermuzik)
35.casual (prod. by zonebeats)
36.od (prod. by speakermuzik)
37.early mornin (prod. by vybebeatz)
38.full throttle (prod. by vybebeatz)
39.crazy (prod. by zonebeats)
40.whip it (prod. by vybebeatz)
41.surrender (prod. by zonebeats)
42.half time (prod. by zonebeats)

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