How to Spot A Fake G-Shock?

Although G-Shock watches have been around for a while, they havent really been standout product until recently. Because the line was is hitting the big time no one knew how to spot a fake also known as FAPE!.

If you’re in the market to buy a G Shock, here are 10 points to help you spot a fake: -

1. For starters make sure the gshock model actually exists.
2. Check the packaging for cheap card, normally all materials are the best materials.
3. Within the packaging the bottom triangle corner is cut out on a fake.
4. A quick visual indicator is that the day of the week on the watch face will be directly under and between the first two top dails. On a fake it is almost always directly under the second one.
5. The wording around the dial “illuminator, alarm chrono, etc” is black on a fake, white on real.
6. Adjust button should be top left, otherwise fake.
7. The case back has a rough finish on a fake and usually dated ???/2000
8. Square pointer at the 12 o’clock position on the inner dial is a fake. The real are triangle.
9. No fifth button = fake.
10. The strap should feel like good quality, the fakes are cheap rubber.

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If you see G-Shock items on eBay beware there are fraudsters lurking on there. Here are some key elements to monitor. Anyone who has one day auction is most likely to sell a fake. If you see an auction of a limited number of images, it could be a forgery. Counterfitting happens with all great watches, you have the risk of false things, especially when you buy something online, you will not know until you pay for it.