How To: Throw the Perfect College Party!

He're is a step guide to throw a house party for college students. All you'll need is tons of people and

Get the word out. Any expert will tell you that throwing a small party and inviting only people you know is the best way to avoid trouble with the police. Sending Evites can help mightily when it comes to letting people know about your shindig. It's a happy medium between a gold engraved invitation and shouting your plans from the rooftops.

Plan your refreshments. Some campus cultures find it acceptable to recoup the money for alcohol at the door by charging a small fee in exchange for a cup. Legally, however, this makes your house party an illegal bar. If you can't afford ten kegs, start with one or two. When the alcohol runs out, you can always take up an informal collection.

Party-proof your house. If you have carpeting, you might want to think about whether it is wise to host a party at all. If you have rugs, roll them up and stow them safely away. Use furniture to block areas of the house that are off limits. Keep food hidden away and dishes in the cupboards. Drunk people are like babies: they can wreak a lot of havoc.

Notify your neighbors. If your party is broken up by the police at 10 p.m., it will probably be because somebody on your block has called in a noise violation. People can be surprisingly understanding if you let them know what is going on. They are even more understanding if you invite them. If your neighbors are older, you might even go door-to-door with cookies.

Create the mood. Keep the playlist upbeat, mixing old favorites and club hits. Use indirect lighting. If you don't have lamps, hang some Christmas lights over doorways and windows.

Be a good host. Making people comfortable is the best way to get everybody having a good time. From a practical standpoint, keeping an eye on the crowd helps you stay on top of trouble situations. Should the police arrive, it is important to have a sober, responsible person at the door to greet them.

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