Artist: T.R.A.Y.
Album: T.R.A.Y. Best Male Artist (LP)
Label: P.A.C.E. World Media Group
Co-signed by Lil Wayne, listened to by Drake, Rick Ross, and other industry big shots. Made fun of by Kevin Hart. "Best Male Artist" mixes story telling with clubbing, the joys of love with heartbreak, and abstract creativity with structure all in a beatifully presented package. T.R.A.Y.'s Best Male Artist, alone is an awesome collection of some of the most clever, jaw dropping, inspirational, funny, and motivational lyrics you'll ever hear. ONLY $4.99

1. iLoveTRAY: Lil Wayne Who (Freestyle)
2. iLoveTRAY: Artist -V- Management (Skit)
3. iLoveTRAY: 15 Minutes (Classic)
4. iLoveTRAY: Everyday is Valentines
5. iLoveT.R.A.Y. Moving On Up (NewSchool)
6. iLoveTRAY: Hang On (Story)
7. iLoveTRAY: Up & Away (Drake)
8. iLoveTRAY: 2Gether (R&B-ish)
9. iLoveTRAY: Self (Popular)
10. iLoveTRAY: Intermission (Freestyle)
11. iLoveTray: My Favorite Song (Rock)
12. iLoveTray: Dear Dr King (Tribute)
13. iLoveTray: Let Us Pray (Amen)
14. iLoveTRAY: Higher (Inspirational)