Feeling So So-So: By Rodney Chatman

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How I'm feeling, shyt, I'm feeling so-so

And I'm so low that I'm moving in slo-mo

nigga got not one chick, no homo

driving all around in dis city, I'm riding solo. Damn!

I'm on my sorrowful rapper nigga shyt, its Driz-zay

Stacking all this paper god damn I gets Bizz-zay

but when I step back, look hard and long

I see how you at a distance, you so far gone

and I better find yo love, I better find your heart

this distance in between us is tearing me apart.

Good job Drake, wait, on to the next rapper.

Whats that drippin on my face, damn, its rain

its like you pour hot water on me, I call it T-Pain

And this is no water bed cuz I'm sprung like a matress

you are the perfect girl that I will always be a match wit

and this match is lit to light this dark tunnel so I can see

and ooo I can't believe it, she ain't all on me.

Now to finish with a few words from Songz

and the songz really do hit home

because I can't help but wait

for those doors to open, i'm outside ya gate

and for the final words spoke by Trey,

and I don't wanna come between you and yo man,

even though I know I treat you better than he can.

This is off the record, but I know this shyt is gonna land me in some trouble. A bunch of questions maybe asked, but fuck it, gotta stay humble. I came this far and tried my hardest to hold it in and stay a G, but it was bound to come out eventually. So now you see it. If you're down this far on the page, then you read it. Now think about it, think about how you feel, and think about your questions, then get back at me with a message. Take your time, I've spent enough time wasted, tryin to get back at you, and no, I'm not faking. But it is what it is, and now I hope you understand me. Rodney Chatman, Chatty D, Chatty X.....the original Poppy...