T.R.A.Y. "Dear Dr. King" Lyrics

Song: Dear Dr. King

Artist: T.R.A.Y. (Travell Rhythm And You)

Album: So Midwest Hollywood LP


Verse 1: 

Dear Martin Luther, I mean Dr. King

I'm paying my respect cuz I know you had a dream

Although you didn't live, to see it to fruition

In 2008 we all came to see your vision


We voted for the president, a African American

I'm grateful cuz I'm proud of him, not because im arrogant

May be its ironic or symbolic to our fate

That it took a man from Africa, to unite the states


I'd rather be real then politically correct

So I say how I feel, people still be upset

I don't see why, but never mind I guess

Its harder to remember than it is to forget


By the way, We did find James Earl Ray

But he said he didn't do it til he died in 98

So we'll never know what happen that day

On the balcony, April 4th 1968


I know you fought hard for my rights

And it costs me nothing, cuz you paid with ya life

I thank you for giving black history a lesson

So I wrote this letter to update you on the present


The people wanted change, but Bush didn't agree with us

Luckily the "O factor" took over the media

It started out in Hollywood, Oprah put it on the map

and ended republicans who then turned to democrats




Verse 2:

Well… Bush Got elected, despite how I was feelin

One year later, a plane hit a building

A lot of people died, we blamed Osama

Then we went to war and we started more drama


The war was on terror so we had to attack

Then we sent a whole bunch of soldiers to Iraq

To find these so called "weapons of destruction"

But Bush used that, as a method of corruption


The bad news is, people's kids got slain

The Good news is, well we did find Hussein

We found him in a ditch, even though we wasn't lookin

Celebrated, then told the U.N. to book em.

So they took em, but the war wasn't over

It would be a long time fore we got to see our soldiers

Bush wasn't having it, no one could save us

He told us we had to find the leader of Al-Qaeda   


That was Bin Laden, but he still missin

So we began to question the purpose of the mission

Some say its oil, it gota be the gas

With the OPEC monopoly the economy could crash




Verse 3:

Dr. King… Ya boy been stressin

All of these events have, led to a recession

And its depressing, Sort of like a drout

Now people homeless who couldn't keep they house


The unemployment line full of people on welfare

And old folks, who need work to pay for healthcare

I thank god I aint never need a wheelchair

But sometimes I do, wonder why I'm still here


Most be a purpose, was it an accident

Or did I get my way with words on purpose

If it's a gift, I have yet to reap the benefits

But that's cool Dr. King… let me finish this


I cant trip, at least I get to vote now

At least we gota new president to give us hope now

At least I can walk out in America

And be recognized for the content of my character


At least if I ever have kids

I can share my history and tell em, what you did

In the same sentence say, you can be anything

The president, a doctor, and a king

Like you no matter what people say

And that's why I wrote this… sincerely T.R.A.Y.


(Paper crumbling)