Listen Up: Eminem "Cocaine"

Lyrically transcending starting “off something like Shady’s an insane maniac” while reflecting on the turbulence of his personal life, public life & the pit of success, Eminem is back with Cocaine featuring Jazmine Sullivan. In a lyrical stratosphere, “exercising the mind” with lyrics that reveal his internal battles, expressing the reality of nightmares that were once daydreams until he reached the entrance & catapulted with success. Drugged by the titan of fame, feeling as if he has a made a connection with a nightmare instead of the daydream, Eminem addresses personal demons that became reality & the drugs that he used to numb the pain.

Jazmine Sullivan appears to be cages vocally on the track produced by Salaam Remi until the end of the song. There is no official word on where this track will be placed. It is possible that the song will appear on a new album or on a possible re-release of Recovery. For the meantime you can hear the track below:

Eminem featuring Jazmine Sullivan - Cocaine by Hypetrak