T.R.A.Y. "The Hit List"

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After becoming an internet sensation with several blow out singles. "Travell Rhythm And You" is colaborating with P.A.C.E. World Media Group to release a mixtape featuring his most downloaded and shared songs. Together the songs have tallied nearly 75,000 in downloads and plays from sites such as i-tunes, amazonmp3, and rhapsody. The artist is currently being nominated for "Best New Artist" at the Ohio Hip-Hop Awards. Vist the Everything T.R.A.Y. site! Everything T.R.A.Y.

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The Hit List will include:

1.) Dear Dr. King
2.) Everyday is Valentines
3.) My Favorite Song
4.) Make You Love Me
5.) Hang On
6.) Self
7.) Go With Me
8.) Up & Away
9.) 2Gether
10.)Let Us Pray

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