Lil Wayne Signs Ocho

Chad Ochocinco tweeted his every move last night, as he often does, and as usual, he was doing something extraordinary to the every day individual. Ochocinco had an intense rap session with the one and only Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. Ochocinco described his entire night as it happened on Twitter, posting plenty of pictures of him and Lil Wayne.

Ochocinco has been all over of late, recently catching some passes from ex-Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor. Ochocinco loves what he see's out of Pryor and tweeted about the college star numerous times, praising his athletic ability and throwing power.

With all of this free time could Ochocinco go from an NFL star to soccer player to a rapper? A couple more nights with Lil Wayne than this can very much become a reality. Stay tuned for more updates.