FREE Mixtape: T.R.A.Y. The Lost Tapes! (Unreleased)

<2011> T.R.A.Y. "The Lost Tapes: Rare Freestyles"-(FREE DOWNLOAD!)

The "Lost Tapes: Rare Freestyles" is a compilation mixtapes by American rapper T.R.A.Y., released October, 2011 by P.A.C.E. World Media Group and. It displays his artistic ability in a new light. The sessions are the same ones that led to the artist becoming an overnight sensation. The mixtape compiles previously unreleased tracks that were discarded from recording sessions for T.R.A.Y. in between 2006-2008 before the So Midwest Hollywood LP was released. The original recordings were to be called Underrated Overlooked. Vol: 2. The Lost Tapes features a low-key gangster rap style not heard in T.R.A.Y.'s recent recordings. Released with little promotion, these video taped sessions debuted with over 15,000 views on Youtube. (10 Tracks)

1. Fan Mail [Accapella] (Popular)
2. LiL Wayne Who? (VERY Popular)
3. White Girls
4. Nerd Brain (Popular)
5. All About My Cake (VERY Popular)
6. Breathe
7. OchoCinco
8. T.R.A.Y. Go Hard
9. T.R.A.Y. Amilli(VERY Popular)
10. I'm Not the Same (Popular)

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