Pick Up the P.A.C.E. Interviews DJ Proper from L.A.

Name: DJ Proper
Location: Los angeles , California
Facebook: Add Dj Proper
PACE MAGAZINE: So tell us about Worldwide Familia and what your music is about?

DJ PROPER: That's my collective of artist I work with and support around the world. It's a group of
people coming together on the basis , "This music is for ALL races worldwide working for peace &
equality". Our art is inspired on issues ranging from prison reform, civil rights, police brutality, &the relevant struggles of people in this hip hop culture. To name a few we are all paying tribute to the history of music with influences from pioneers like Herbie Hancok, Femi Kuti , & James Brown with their dedication to live show plus production. We also respect the artist paving the way in music for the next generation , while trying personally to contribute to that movement. There are many artist we in mix with like Nas, Black Eyed Peas , & Mos Def we feel paved the way for a lot of artist like us.

PACE MAGAZINE: How do you feel about hip hop music today?

DJ PROPER: I think its doing fine, if you really study it past the surface and have an open mind.
Some of these mainstream rappers truly got skills, come on lets be real some paid dues and now are
rocking the benefits others are just gonna fade away because there is no substance to music. There
is a lot of great music in the indie / underground scene also. Some of these artist have solid
catalogs and a good live show. With websites though like Youtube and the blog community if you
willing to invest in yourself ,things can turn viral and get them some good exposure. I won't
debate in any sense, there is a flood in the market of complete garbage and the obvious agenda of the powers at be. That has been ever present in music though for a long time, it's sometimes an
obvious artist based on the exploitation of a image or product not the musical integrity. That's
entertainment though, I enjoy all aspects from the most conscious of raps to commercial dance music.
It's all part of the culture in my opinion and should be appreciated. If I hear wack stuff I move on, there is so much good stuff out there it overshadows the bad side.

PACE MAGAZINE: Any good festivals/shows on tour this year that stand out?

Sure we have been doing some really fun shows around the states and in past the crew has loved going
international to spread word. We just did main stage at the BCS Vh1 Save The Music Foundation Soulstyce Music & Arts Festival. I did a solo dj set opening up for Freestyle Fellowship & Medusa, the first night when Redman headlined , plus held it down with a really cool performance on 2nd stage with Legendary Icons. It was a really fun place to bring the music to, they had it at the Pico Sports Arena which was a huge venue set up with full x-games type vibe that had a BMX competion, B-Boy Battle, some really dope live art , & classic tributes to J Dilla by Illa J .
Eyezon just held it down on the international stage and rocked A3C Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta , which was insane with a lineup including 9th Wonder, Murs, Dead Prez, & Slum Village.
The lineup for the tour with him and A People Like Us Band is looking real good next year can't wait.

PACE MAGAZINE: So what's up with Eyezon, we know getting the word out on his music is really important to you?

DJ PROPER: Totally, that's my brother right there and I feel his music is something of substance and his contribution to music is really special to the culture. He is originally from South Africa
and now is building here in the states. His music is think has all aspects and transcends just one
genre of music. The sounds can range from the classic hip hop vibe, some roots style afro beat type song , & even some og blues influences like our joint "The Devil Is A Liar". We have done some fun
shows like Hope & Freedom Festival in Los Angeles last year that involved some cool indie films
awards. His video documentary on the homelessness situation in San Francisco is a great project look out for that on MTV soon. He got a great review with URB Magazine and they really expressed how his
music is very revolutionary and is building with a strong catalog. Check out these videos to see that , his style is very universal .

PACE MAGAZINE: Do you have some song's of Eyezon's you would suggest new fans to check out?

DJ PROPER: Well there is a lot of material he is waiting to release , that I'm thinking comes to mind. Those are not available yet , but I think here are some classic tunes of his.

PACE MAGAZINE: So what's going on with the mixtape "From My Soul Vol II" , your next release?

DJ PROPER: Well I'm almost done with all the production for the project. I really want to thank all
the artist involved it's gonna be really special to me to share with the fans. I was humbled by the
response in the hip hop artist community to be involved. I was up with Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated
Peoples promoting the release on 90.7 FM Breakbeats and Rhymes radio hosted by Rebels To The Grain. He was one of the first major artist to really reach out and support me building this music. When we
released Vol 1 on Datpiff.com and it received 5 stars I was blown away. The project has a lot of
indie artist to mainstream also involved from around the world. The album has songs from NAS, RAKAA IRISCIENCE of Dilated Peoples,Chali Tuna of J5, House of Vibe, Sunspot Jonz Of Living Legends, SOLPOWA,LAIDLAW, EYEZON, JaeNice, Random , Legendary Icons,Poor Legacy, Philieano ,Kris Ransom,Ras Kass,Frankie Fadeless, Luminaries, Sean Lane, Flip DaSoulFisher, Rebels To The Grain, Dj Rilla, Andre Auram,Ariano Price, Athletic Mic League, Dice The Nicest,& Percee P.

PACE MAGAZINE: So you have a new video with SOLPOWA, what's happening with your guys project together?

DJ PROPER: I'm very happy about what we have been doing with things like releasing video and our projects coming out. He is an amazing MC and producer. Most of the production is being done by
himself making the beats and dropping the rhymes. He is the type of guy that has so much musical
talent from live show to recording it amazing to be around. I'm blown away by the lyrics to the sound we getting on these tracks. It been great to see him get placements with the music on the
publishing tip for get songs on MTV shows and in television. I really hope with this new album "Where There Is A Will There Is A Way" we breakthrough more into film soundtracksand bring more exposure to the music.

PACE MAGAZINE: Any songs of his you like to put in peoples ears?

DJ PROPER: Well here is our new joint from his album "In Hollywood" which is available on Itunes &
Amazon. We been leaking some audio on Soundcloud which has been getting a great response.


Also if you want to download the title track from the next album , we allowing a free download for
right now.

SOLPOWA & Dj Proper ~Where There Is A Will There Is A Way by worldwidefamilia

PACE MAGAZINE: Thanks for sharing the word with us, any other music or projects doing?

DJ PROPER: Well I really appreciate, your site spreading the word about the movement. My goal is to
bring this music out there to the public on a scale like Eminem or Lady Gaga. There is 8 billion
people in this world, more or less so we like to get it out on a major scale. I grew up in the
music business and have been going to shows since I was a child. I love to be able to really reach
out to the whole world with this message of peace & equality. We feel that our artist have strong
catalogs of music, a good live show, and a mission to spread the word. I think music is most
relevant when it makes people relate to their personal issues and help people express their dreams
for this life. Hope the fans enjoy what we doing and we continue to have the chance to create music
people feel is special to them. Thanks P.A.C.E for being an essential part of this hip hop community and spreading word about what we doing. Please keep in the mix with us for new releases and people can reach out to me online either on Facebook or Twitter. To any promoters or festivals looking to book us, my management or agent's info is on my website and we can figure it out with our schedule.