Pick up the P.A.C.E. Sponsored Releases

Pick up the P.A.C.E. Sponsored Releases

P.A.C.E. World Media Group in partnership Pick up the P.A.C.E., and several online distributers have come together to offer musicians of all genres a place to sell their music.

Pick Up the P.A.C.E. will offer 60day feature spots on the blog site. Each spot includes an exclusive artist interview, views by our over 5000 email subscribers, FREE promotion on our blog site, and also a FREE URL to promote and sell your music online. Feel free to submit your own Mixtapes/Albums/Song. Artists will be paid twice after two 30day pay periods.

How it Works:
There is a simple $25.00 set up fee to hold ur mixtape/album/song file on our servers for up to 60 days, in addition to this a small 10% per download fee is required. KEEP IN MIND YOU MAY CHOOSE TO SELL YOUR MUSIC FOR ANY PRICE YOU WANT OVER $.99 cent. After your mixtape/album/song has been on sell for a 30 days P.A.C.E. World Media Group will submit you with a report that includes your download and marketing stats, at which point in time you can request to be sent any money owed to you or opt to wait until the second pay period.

Mike aka Big Meech is a rapper from Kansas city. He visits the Pick Up the P.A.C.E. blog often and wants to try selling his own mixtape called "Kansas City Chief". So he submits his information far as song title, artist, location, artwork etc... He then pays his $25.00 set up fee online, and sends his file(.mp3/.zip/.wav) to be uploaded with a suggested price of $3.00. Once his music is uploaded P.A.C.E. World Media Group then contacts Mike for an interview to feature on Pick Up the P.A.C.E. site along with the link where his music can be downloaded. His submitted music and artwork is placed in the "Sponsored Releases" box on the blog site. Ater 30 days he is sent an official report of all sells information concerning his music, and asked if he would like his money now! The report says 1000 downloads took place, and Mike wants his money now.

Do the Math:
Thats 1000(downloads) x $3.00 (suggested sale price)= $3,000.00
Now substract the 10% (Download Fee) of $300.00 (10% of $3,000.00) and P.A.C.E. World Media Group send mike a payment of $3,000 - $300.00 which is $2,700.00. After his first 30 days.

Now What:
Mike's account with P.A.C.E. World Media Group will reset after he has received the payment for his music. At this point the process is repeated for another 30 period. After 60 days total, Mike receives his second payment and music is removed from the "Featured Releases" section. Mike has the option to request his exclusive interview, and/or any other promotional pages on the Pick up the P.A.C.E. blog site to be removed.

If you would like to be Mike, or know someone who would like to be...