Boogie Talks About Run DMC and New Mixtape

Download Mick’s “My adidas” mixtape here.

Mick Boogie is a fixture in the hip-hop culture and DJ scene with a live work resume and collaboration catalog that continues to impress and improve. Recently he stepped into the sneaker realm with his “My adidas” mixtape. Co-signed by the brand itself, the 13-track tribute blends the Hollis Crew’s classics with a new school update. Sounds a lot like the kicks. Nice Kicks caught up with Mick to discuss his move to Brooklyn, the importance of Run DMC and adidas, and the tribute it inspired.

Last time we caught up you were just about to make the move to Brooklyn. How has the city been treating you?

Best thing I ever did. You have to put yourself in a position for success if you want to succeed and that’s exactly what I did, thank God. There hasn’t been one minute since I’ve moved that I’ve looked back and wished I did something different. NYC is truly the land of opportunity.

You’ve DJed many different spots in many different cities, what’s the best part of spinning in NY?

The amount of people who know their music and the diversity of people that come from all over the world. Most of my club nights consist of so many genres and styles of music, so many different types of people, and so on. It makes my job really fun when you can get extra creative.

About this project, what was your first thought when you heard adidas was celebrating the 25th anniversary of “My Adidas”?

My first thought was we need to do a mixtape! [Laughs]. I feel like I’ve helped create the lane of tribute/redo mixtapes starting with the VH1 Honors tape a few years ago (“The Honor Roll”) and continuing when Terry Urban and I did the De La Soul tribute a year later. This is a natural extension of that idea with even better branding.

DMC and Mick Boogie at the "My adidas" Launch
What made Run DMC and adidas cool to you as a kid?

Run DMC were rock stars. Growing up in Ohio there wasn’t a lot of hip-hop to be found, especially where I lived. Run DMC transcended all of that. Rotation on MTV, rock and pop radio…everyone knew who Run, D and JMJ were. Adidas has always been a legendary brand from the shell-toes to the Stan Smiths and everything else. Their synergy with hip-hop culture and music in general is legendary. Shout out to Jon Wexler who really has an amazing grasp on pop culture and helps bring that home to adidas.

What artists are working on this project? What influenced your selection?

So many artists are on this project and everyone was so excited to be on it, from legends like Jazzy Jeff, Skillz and Bun B to new school faves like Chip Tha Ripper, Kidz In The Hall, Money Making Jam Boys, and many more. Shout out to Tanya Morgan, GLC, Big Pooh, etc. Everyone killed it. I just wanted to find people that represent what hip-hop is to me, to the listener, and to Run DMC.

DMC on the Mic at the "My adidas" Launch
Did Run DMC have a chance to hear the project?

Funny you say that. I did two events with DMC on Friday for adidas and the sneaker launch and he loved it. In fact, we had a live performance of “Down With The King 2011″ featuring Tanya Morgan, 6th Sense and Nitty Scott. DMC jumped in and did his verse too. Classic. Legendary. Moments like these will always live on in my brain when this is all said and done.

25 years later, what’s the impact of Run DMC and the adidas Superstar on the culture?

Kids today still respond to the music because it’s timeless. I think this mixtape helped prove that theory. The Superstar is still one of the coolest shoes out. (It) looks good with shorts, with jeans, with khakis…(you can) dress it up, dress it down. I’m honored and privileged to be associated with both of them on this special day in hip-hop history.