Drizzy is Getting Ready to Drop His Load...

Drizzy Drake,” one of the youngest and most talented rappers in the game, is about to drop his second full-length album. Set for release on Tuesday, Nov. 15, Take Care is now available for pre-order on iTunes.

“Headlines” and the more recent “Make Me Proud (featuring Nicki Minaj) are sure hits—and solid jams to work out to—but it will be interesting to see how the rest of the songs come together.

In a recent interview Drake said, “How [people] remember you is up to you.” In the past—because he was “overdosed on confidence”—the rapper was criticized for being “overly emotional.” His new music still has qualities of sentimentality and honesty, but they enrich the music’s effects.

Concerning the album title, “Take Care” alludes to the casual and often dismissive parting shot people use when taking leave of one another. But it also refers to Drizzy’s serious approach as a musician. He said, “I really took so much care making this album. [I made myself] be attentive, be clear, be immersed” in the process.

That idea of total focus and “immersion” in a task is good food for thought for any athlete looking to reach his or her potential.