P.A.C.E. Magazine Interviews T.R.A.Y.

Recently Pick up the P.A.C.E. Maggazine got a chance to sit down and talk with one of the most buzzing musicians out of Cincinnati, Ohio. T.R.A.Y. Here's what he had to say...

Name? T.R.A.Y.
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Pick up the P.A.C.E.: Why does your name have periods after every letter, whats up with that?
Actually i can tell you haven't heard yet. lol. T.R.A.Y. stands for Travell Rhymes And You, it conveys the relationship between me and my fans.

Pick up the P.A.C.E.:How Did You come up with that?
Well its kinda funny because my nickname is actually Tray. When I started rapping i wanted my name to mean something. Kinda like LLCOOLJ so I took my nickname... I had to do something with it because Tray by itself is too plain.

Pick up the P.A.C.E.: So How do you feel about the results of your latest release?
Yeah you talking bout the Hit list. That ish craaaaay... I releases it for free it got like 10,000 downloads. I turn around and start charging for it with a new link in 20,000 more ppl went to get it for free! Long as people get the music im cool though.

Pick up the P.A.C.E.: Are you surprised about the fan feedback?
Not really. I been buzzing for a while and a lot of people know me and feel my flow. I been in L.A., ATL, and up in Columbus people respect me everywhere.

Pick up the P.A.C.E.: How long have you been making music and what kind of music do you make?
Geesh... Well i been writing music since like 15. I recorded my first solo song in 2007. Since then I been dropping an album or mixtape every year.

Pick up the P.A.C.E.: Are there any mainstream or independent artists you'd like to collab with?
Drake, I would say Jay-z but im gonna need a lil bit more cash before I can mess with dude. Maybe Weezy... I dont know forreal I'm kinda over here in my own little zone. A lot of independent dudes want me on they tracks, im open for that.

Pick up the P.A.C.E.: Whats on your playlist these days?
My playlist is limited. I dont listen to party music, i guess im kinda old school cuz i only listen to the rappers that really say shit. Like Jada, Drake, Wayne, Eminem, Jay-z and Hov.

Pick up the P.A.C.E.: We hear you're into making art too. Hows that coming?
I guess you can say its cool. I do a lot of art on commission though. People pay me to make peices for their living rooms, and kids bedrooms, or just to decorate the house. I do a little graphic design here and there too.

Pick up the P.A.C.E.: So Whats going on in your personal life?
Good Question... Umm. I dont really have one. im about this paper bro. and you notice maaaaan. *Smokey from Friday Voice*

Pick up the P.A.C.E.: Are you Single?
Yeah, I had a tough break up last year so im kind of chillin. Its sucks when you're on the other end of heartbreak.

Pick up the P.A.C.E.: What about kids? will there be a T.R.A.Y. sequel soon?
Aw naw... Not now. I need to make this paper I told you man. lol! maybe oneday but as of now im just living life, when i settle down i'll think about it.

Pick up the P.A.C.E.: What kind of woman can you see yourself wifed up to?
Smart black intelligent, but street smart at the same time. I need a woman thats a leader cuz a lot of these chicks follow. They follow certain fashion trends I see some of my celebrity friends with. I want a nice sweet but confident young lady but like drake say "Its hard finding love when you talented and black" lol.

Pick up the P.A.C.E.: Whats your sign?
I'm a sag baby... Whats your sign?.. *giggles*

Pick up the P.A.C.E.: iphone or android?
Android, iphone think they slick with their little media monopoly.

Pick up the P.A.C.E.: Can we buy you a drink?
Hmmm... Give me a shot of Ciroc on the rocks, with a sprinle of sprite.

Pick up the P.A.C.E.: Tell us something nobody knows about you...
i dont have any underwear on... LOL! I'm just kidding, or am I?

Pick up the P.A.C.E.: Where can we find more of your music and artwork
We just put up a little blog at www.ilovetray.blogspot.com its been buzzing. They got personal photos, video shoots, lyrics, and all that. If I release a sex tape it will be up on the blog. lol. Let me stop playing for people start tripping. You gotta understand im a goofy guy. Its all fun.

Pick up the P.A.C.E.: So uh... You seem like a busy man. Whats next for you?
Well i'm currently in the booth working on my new album for next year. Its gonna be hot. I kinda move away from the teaching approach and the songs are more party club like hits, plus im back working with I.A. Town so you know its going to be special. Havent thought of a title yet but im like 9 songs in.

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